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Welcome To My Little School Academy!

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Director’s Philosophy

As a former Miami Dade County Public School teacher, I have always loved helping children learn how to find their individual strengths and to overcome their challenges. I believe every child deserves the opportunity to achieve success. Developing emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually is key to future success. I invite you to visit our facility anytime before noon or after 2pm; Children are napping between 12 and 2pm. I thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and My Little School.

As a parent and director but most of all as an educator, I believe children learn best when they are encouraged to discover knowledge through choices and self-expression. I believe that at My Little School Academy the role of the teacher is to provide opportunities to develop each child’s reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills through imaginative play, critical thinking and problem solving. I believe that the ideal learning environment for children is fun yet challenging, creative and nurturing while patient and supportive. Most importantly, I believe that family serves as the primary partner in their child’s educational team.  I teach because every child matters!

My Little School’s Mission


My Little School is committed to maintaining an exemplary nutritional, educational, and physical program. We will pursue this commitment by continually reviewing, evaluating, and updating our program to provide quality child care and developmental education.
Our doors at My Little School are open to parents, staff, and the community to contribute to the overall development of the children.
Our staff will promote positive feelings of self-worth and independence by emphasizing peaceful and positive childhood experiences.
Guiding children to develop skills necessary to live together, to think divergently, to negotiate conflicts and to develop cultural awareness is the foundation of our program.
Our staff is committed to maintaining an exceptionally clean and safe environment which helps to teach children sanitation, safety, and nutrition.
We nurture each child knowing they come to us with a unique personality and individual needs.
We develop trust with a caring attitude which combined with our educational experience allows us to fulfill each child's stage of development.
Above all our mission is to work as a team with the family and the community to set the standard by which all other child care facilities are measured.

Community and Culture Awareness.

Academics through Play.

Respect for Self and Others.

Inclusive Environment.

Nurturing Educators.

Guided Growth and Development.